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These days, just about everything is done on the internet.  Everything from buying a home to booking a honeymoon can be done with the click of a button.  So how come it's taken us this long to be able to reserve event equipment online?  Can it really that complicated?  The answer is no!  The main reason why renting event equipment has become a giant "to-do" on your planning list is because most well-known event rental outlets have intentionally made it that way.  Unlisted pricing, out-dated pictures and antique websites require you to meet with them face to face.  Their somewhat complicated sales scheme has been working perfectly for years.  Bring 'em in, sit 'em down, spend their money!  Times have changed.  Customers want quick, easy, dependable service.  It's time for a fresh and simple approach to bringing your event to life!  Enter Chair Rental Direct.

Chair Rental Direct offers it's customers a no-hassle, modern approach to renting chairs, tables, linens and everything else you need to host an unforgettable event -  all with the click of a button...on your your convenience. 

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The business is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has been following their basic, customer-orientated structure since 2006

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